About this project

My name is Nichole Hutt, a solar engineer from Oregon. I made this website after getting countless questions from friends and family such as:

  • What solar panel should I buy? Will I make my money back saving on bills?
  • How should I clean my solar panels?
  • Will my solar panels work during the night?

I decided to start this website to educate the public (and my friends and family!) about how renewable energy systems work. I also offer advice on the best renewable energy devices, machines, and systems to buy. These are all based on my own research and personal experience. As a solar (and to an extent, wind) expert, these are the topics I will cover.

You can read more about me on my author page here. If you want to reach out to me, please use this page!

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My mission

The world is on a countdown. Scientists warn that, without a “transformative change” in our energy systems, humanity faces a “catastrophic threat” from climate change.

Climate change is being driven by a number of factors, most notably an increase in greenhouse gases, rapidly melting ice, and animal agriculture.

As the world’s population grows and modernizes, so does our demand for energy increase. Unfortunately, we are meeting a lot of this demand with the burning of more fossil fuels. Governments and corporations are simply not investing enough in renewable sources of energy.

We are being led into a darker future with the prospects of uncontrolled weather patterns leading to droughts, floods, famine, and mass migration.

Through this website, I want to educate the public about a much better alternative: solar and wind energy. Hopefully, the adoption of these systems will begin reversing the sinister trends of the past decades.

We encourage individuals to invest in renewable energy systems in their homes and farms. Not only will this help save money on your energy bills, but will contribute considerably to lowering carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Humanity is facing a reckoning due to our exploitation of its natural resources. The time to act is NOW.

Which type of renewable energy is the best?

Renewable Energy Systems
Renewable Energy Systems / by Renewable Systems

There is plenty of debate on which renewable energy source should be most invested in. The main types include:

  • wind energy
  • solar energy
  • hydropower
  • wave energy
  • ocean thermal energy
  • geothermal energy
  • bioenergy

While studies are being performed comparing the pros and cons of each type, the bottom line is this: all  types of energy mentioned above are, by far, less harmful to the planet than burning fossil fuels. Studies done on this topic are conclusive about this. Therefore, we are supporters of all forms of renewable energy. We can have a deeper debate about minor efficiency differences in these systems after we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuels.