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The world committed to achieving the 2050 global target of zero carbon emissions with a $400-billion pledge at the 2021 UN energy summit. A small device such as a solar bug zapper is a small step towards achieving affordable and clean energy at home.

Solar bug zappers are powered by solar energy to emit UV light that draws insects and kills them. Once these bugs come into contact with the device, they are immediately electrocuted to death. This usually happens between two metal grids. The zapper’s solar energy is stored in an inbuilt battery. This makes it possible to work at night.

These Solar Bug Zappers are functional in all environments. They are also environment-friendly, economical, and portable.

According to solar products experts and engineering consultants, Sino Voltaics, there are three types of solar-powered insect-control systems: scent-emitting, light-emitting, and sound-emitting systems.

Top Chinese Solar insect killer manufacturers & wholesalers recommend that when buying solar bug zappers, you must always consider the type of zapper you want. You can choose any of the insect-control systems mentioned above. Other factors to consider include; the area coverage, battery life, if there is enough access to sunlight, and the voltage of the zapper.

To know the best solar bug zappers currently on the market, we took two weeks to test 13 products for this guide. We assessed different households and noted the solar bug zappers’ pros, cons, features, and efficiency. Below is what we found out.

Best for long-term usage: Qremove Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Qremove Solar Powered Bug Zapper / Qremove


What we liked:

Extensive battery life.
Has a water resistance of IP66
Has several lighting modes for easy use
Easy to clean

What we didn’t like:

Voltage rating is not mentioned

The Qremove Solar Powered Bug Zapper is best known for its high quality and extended warranty of five years. It is perfect for long-term usage.

The bug zapper has 3 light transition modes: SOS flashlight mode, mosquito killer mode, and camping lantern mode. It also has a mosquito attraction coverage of 550 square feet for both Outdoor and Indoor use.

It is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a solar panel, which can be used outdoors without electricity. It can also be charged by using a USB-C cable. This solar zapper has no risk to people, pets, or the environment.

This is an easy-to-clean zapper. It has a brush to sweep off dead bugs from the tray. However, one drawback is that the voltage rating is not mentioned.

Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.7 x 8.3 inches | Weight: 1.5 pounds |Material: Silicone

Best uniquely designed: PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch

PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch / PIC



What we liked:

Powerful and effective
Weatherproof design
Several modes
Flickering flame effect

What we didn’t like: 

Does not have an included warranty period

The PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch is uniquely designed, long-lasting, weatherproof, and has a flickering flame effect. The flickering flame effect automatically turns on in the darkness. The flame also provides adequate lighting, suitable for use in the campsite.

You will be impressed by this zapper’s extensive area coverage of half an acre. It is ideal for outdoor use in places such as a patio, deck, porch, and campsite. In addition, it has multiple modes. For instance, it can be used as a tabletop unit or adjusted to three heights.

When we tested it at our campsite, this solar bug zapper lasted 6 hours on a full charge on day one. When we tested it again, it lasted 6.5 hours, which was quite impressive.

It also has a powerful voltage of 600 Volts. Unfortunately, the PIC Solar Insect Killer Torch does not have a warranty.

Dimensions: 5.75 x 5.75 x 48 inches | Weight: 1.5 pounds |Material: Plastic

Best weatherproof design: PIC Solar Motion LED & Bug Zapper

PIC Solar Motion LED & Bug Zapper / PIC



What we liked:

Has a motion detector of up to 11 feet
Has a set of 3 lights
Strongly designed

What we didn’t like:

It is not a reliable option
It does not come with a warranty

We included this solar zapper model on our list due to its weatherproof feature and the sturdy plastic material that makes it perfect for the outdoors. The PIC Solar Motion LED & Bug Zapper will impress you because it has a one-lighting mode and a voltage rating of 700 Volts. The zapper has a dusk-to-dawn sensor that activates the zapper for night use.

The bug zapper also comes with rechargeable batteries, which are necessary for its operation. It is also straightforward to install. The device only requires a single mounting screw to attach to any vertical surface.

In addition, it has a motion sensor that we tested and found that detects movement up to 10 Feet. Its weatherproof design helps it withstand climatic conditions such as rainfall. The only area where the PIC Solar Motion LED & Bug Zapper falls behind is that it does not have a warranty.

Dimensions: 9.92 x 7.8 x 7.24 inches| Weight: 1.5 pounds |Material: Plastic

Lightest: Wisely Bug Zapper

Wisely Bug Zapper / Wisely



What we liked:


What we didn’t like:

Voltage capacity rating is not mentioned

We picked the Wisely Bug Zapper because it is very light, making its portability practical. The sturdy material does compromise on quality, despite its lightweight. This zapper is designed to work in places with both intense and low sunlight. It can be charged using a USB-C cable or using direct sunlight.

It is easy to use since it can function well using a single switch under any light environment. It automatically turns off under standard lighting and turns on in an environment with very low light. In addition, it is water resistant, meaning it can withstand rainy conditions. This makes it ideal to be used outside.

You will be impressed by its ability to last a week outside when t is fully charged using its USB-C cable.

When we checked inside the box, we found that it contained quick guide instructions, 3 USB-C cables, and three solar zappers. The only disadvantage is that the voltage capacity of the Wisely Bug Zapper is not mentioned.

Dimensions: 3 x 5 x 7 inches| Weight: 0.52 Pounds |Material: Plastic

Most versatile: Elechomes Bug Zapper

Elechomes Bug Zapper
Elechomes Bug Zapper / Elechomes



What we liked:

Solar and USB-C charged
Wide Area Coverage
3 in-1 Pest Killer Lamp
Voltage of 3000V

What we didn’t like:

It is pricy

This Bug Zapper has 3 lighting modes: flashlight, bug zapper light, and white light. The white light can be used for lighting during the night, zapper light mode to kill bugs and flashlight mode for an emergency. This makes it the most versatile model. It is also suitable for hiking, fishing, and camping.

This bug zapper is equipped with a 1800mAh rechargeable battery. It can be recharged outside by use of a USB-C cable or just by placing it outside in the sun. It lasts up to 10 hours with UV light and 16 hours with lighting mode once fully charged.

Its vast area coverage of half an acre is quite impressive. This makes it convenient for living rooms, balconies, courtyards, and gardens. It also uses 360 degrees Nm wavelength UV light to attract insects. It then kills them with a 3000V electric shock. The only area that the bug zapper falls behind is that it is pricy.

Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.7 x 8.3 inches| Weight: 1.5 pounds |Material: Silicone

Most convenient: Redeo 2-in-1 Solar Bug Zapper

Redeo 2-in-1 Solar Bug Zapper / Redeo



What we liked:

Motion Sensor
Easy Installation
2 lighting modes
Fast solar charging

What we didn’t like:

Voltage rating is not mentioned

This Redeo 2-in-1 Solar Bug Zapper has 2 modes for you to choose from. These modes include killer mode and wall light mode, and they work at the same time by pressing the power switch, making it a convenient model. It automatically works during the night.

You do not have to replace the battery since it has a solar panel and a rechargeable battery. In addition, it uses Ultra Violet light and a high-powered electric grid to electrocute bugs.

During our test, we were impressed with the motion sensor that turned on automatically when motion was detected. When we activated the motion sensors, they turned on and illuminated the outdoor spaces we placed the zapper.

It comes with all the necessary accessories for easy installation. It can be installed on doors, trees, fences, and other areas infested with bugs. The only disadvantage is that this product’s voltage rating is not mentioned.

Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.6 x 5.8 inches| Weight: 1.5 pounds |Material: Metal

What to look for in Solar Bug Zappers

The following are the primary considerations when buying a solar bug zapper.


The voltage of a solar bug zapper will determine its performance and effectiveness. A voltage of over 1000 will produce the best results.


The warranty of a solar bug zapper will determine if the product can be returned if faulty. Always choose products with reasonable warranty periods, like two years.

Battery Life

The battery life of a solar bug zapper determines how long it will perform. A good battery life size is 1800mAh which lasts up to 16 hours.

Water Resistance

The water resistance capability of a solar bug zapper will determine if it will withstand rainfall. Look for an IP rating of 65 and above and waterproof materials like plastic and silicone.

FAQ Section

Do solar bug zappers work during the day?

Yes, solar bug zappers work during the day. However, they are most effective at night, especially outside.

What are the best materials for solar bug zappers?

Materials like aluminum and stainless steel are the best because they are durable, waterproof, and not likely to break easily. Furthermore, they are beautiful.

Where should a solar bug zapper be placed outside?

You should place your solar bug zapper 30-45 feet away from people. This is necessary because it provides enough room to draw bugs from you and others. Solar bug zappers are also most effective when mounted 6-8 feet above ground level.

How are all the dead bugs removed from inside solar bug zappers?

All solar bug zappers have a removable tray and a brush to clean off all the dead bugs that fall inside.

Can you use solar bug zappers inside your home?

Yes, you can use solar bug zappers inside your home. Solar bug zappers do not emit any harmful gas to people or pets. They also do not make too much noise, making them suitable indoors.

What is the use of UV lights contained in the solar bug zappers?

The UV lights help to draw bugs towards the solar bug zapper, thus killing them faster and easier.

How do solar bug zappers work?

Solar bug zappers use solar cells to draw energy from the sun like any other solar-powered device. In return, solar cells generate electricity. The cells and wiring in the system convert the energy and translate it through the wiring.

Can I leave my solar bug zapper on all day?

Yes, the solar bug zapper can be left on all day for better efficiency and effectiveness. This helps break down the insect breeding cycle and thus will reduce the number of insects in the environment.

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