How much does a solar panel weigh?

On average, a solar panel weighs 40 pounds. The aluminum frame, solar cells, tempered glass, encapsulation foil, and junction box contribute to this weight.

Many homeowners today are opting for environmentally friendly sources of energy. This is why solar panels are more sought after nowadays. They save on costs, are environmentally safe, and are the best renewable energy.

So when installing a solar panel on your rooftop, you should always consider the weight and condition of the roof. This is why an article expounding on what weight of a solar panel on your rooftop is suitable is essential. So read on!

How Much Do the Different Types of Solar Panels Weigh?

Solar panels come in different types and sizes depending on their functions. There exist two major types of panels, and these come in varying weights.

  • Residential solar panels
  • Commercial solar panels

Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panels / Build review

Every solar panel has solar cells, which are 6 by 6 inches. A residential solar panel comprises 60 cells weighing between 35 lbs and 45 lbs. They, therefore, produce between 300 and 400 watts.

Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial ones are much bigger than residential solar panels. They comprise 72 solar cells and weigh between 45 lbs to 50 lbs. Remember that some commercial solar panels comprise even up to 98 cells, hence more weight.

RV Solar Panels

These are lighter and smaller than residential ones. On average, the rigid solar panels weigh 15 lbs and are rated at 100 watts. They are about 2.5 lbs per square foot. Additionally, RV roofs can comfortably support up to 8 solar panels, which is 100 watts.

Flexible Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels / Mortonsonthemove

Now, these have much thinner solar cells that are attached to a flexible, lightweight substrate. On average, a 100-watt flexible panel weighs 4.5 lbs. This is an average of 0.65 sq. ft., which is about a quarter of what a rigid solar panel weighs.

Types of Solar Panels Average weight
Flexible solar panel 4.5 lbs
RV solar panel 15 lbs
Residential solar panel 40 lbs
Commercial solar panel 50 lbs

The table shows that commercial solar panels are the heaviest, while flexible solar panels are very lightweight. This, however, does not mean that the lightest ones perform poorly. All the panels perform exceptionally as long as they are used as they should.


In summary, while sourcing a solar panel, always first understand what you are looking for if it is for commercial or for residential purposes. This will help you determine what weight would be suitable for your roof. So next time you are interested in buying a solar panel, you can never forget what this article brought to light.


What is the weight of a 72-cell solar panel?

On average, they weigh between 45 lbs to 50 lbs.

Is solar panel weight safe for the roof?

Yes, it is safe, and the solar panel will not be heavy on your roof. A roof is designed to sustain heavier infrastructure, yet a residential solar panel is only 40 lbs. So adding equipment and a solar panel on your roof would only weigh two to four pounds per square foot. Still, ensure you check if your roof needs repairs and fix it before adding a panel on top of it.

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