Best Solar Camping Lanterns

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The World Economic Forum reveals that around 500 million households still depend on kerosene lighting. Solar lanterns could replace kerosene lighting to address energy sustainability. According to the UN Climate Technology Centre and Network, solar lanterns provide higher quality lighting than light from non-renewable sources.

A solar camping lantern uses the sun’s power to create light. It has solar panels that collect the sun’s energy and then convert it into electrical power. Solar camping lanterns also have integrated battery, which runs the LED lights. This can provide enough light in your camping tent if you charge it during the day.

Solar camping lanterns are beneficial because some are easy to store, lightweight, weatherproof, generate low heat, and can help you charge devices. Energy saver adds that they come as self-contained units and are maintenance-free.

Some crucial factors you should consider when buying solar camping lanterns include materials used to make them, functionality, warranty, and battery life.

Durable materials and good-quality batteries guarantee a long lifespan. You should also get a solar lantern that resonates with your needs.

To come up with our list of the best solar camping lanterns, we tested different types, including compressible, non-compressible, and USB rechargeable. We looked at each product’s light quality, solar charging time, mobile charging capabilities, and run time. Below is what we found.

Best for functionality – LuminAID packlite

LuminAID packlite / LuminAID



What we liked:

It is powerful and long-lasting
The solar lantern can charge electronic devices
Suitable for the rainy weather

What we didn’t like:

High price

The main reason this solar camping lantern made it to our list is its functionality since it also serves as a phone charger. It features a 5V 2Amp output port that you can use to recharge your phones and tablets. Its 4000mAH battery can power the light longer.

Since LuminAID packlite 2-in-1 phone charger lantern has 300 lumens, it can brighten a campsite efficiently. This solar camping lantern can expand to a 6 inches cube to diffuse light and pack down to one inch thick and is, therefore, easy to store. However, it weighs 9.5 ounces which is a bit bulky.

Since the manufacturer uses TPU in its construction, it is waterproof and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is easy to maintain since it is also dustproof. For this solar camping lantern to deliver long-lasting lighting, ensure you expose it to the sun for 16 hours.

Run Time: 100 hours | Weight: 9.5 ounces | Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 inches

Best for low budget – Tansoren 2-pack rechargeable camping lanterns

Tansoren 2-pack rechargeable camping lanterns / Tansoren



What we liked:

It has three power supply methods
Emits soft light
It is easy to use

What we didn’t like:

The lights do not cover much distance

Tansoren 2-pack solar champing lantern not only comes at an affordable price but is also durable. It is made from military-grade plastic, which makes it water-resistant. The solar camping lantern comes in a collapsible design, making it convenient to transport.

It offers three power supply methods: built-in rechargeable batteries, a solar panel, and the 5V DC USB port. Though this port is compatible with Android devices, we discovered that you cannot use it to power an Apple tablet or mobile phone.

Since this solar camping lantern can provide light for up to 8 hours, it is pretty reliable at night in the woods. It weighs only 1.5 pounds, making it easy to carry. This model made it to our list since its LED lights emit white light, which is soft on the eyes. You can even use this light for reading or working in low-light conditions.

Run Time: 8 hours| Weight: 1.5 ounces| Dimensions: 10 x 3.4 x 3.4 inches

Best for extended run time – MPOWERD LUCI inflatable solar light

MPOWERD LUCI inflatable solar light / MPOWERD LUCI



What we liked:

It is waterproof and lightweight
Offers bright illumination
It is affordable

What we didn’t like:

Limited warranty

This is one of the top-rated solar camping lanterns we could not leave out of our list since it can work up to 24 hours. The manufacturer also creates it with heavy-duty components like polyester, which makes it durable and waterproof. Though it is affordable, the warranty is a bit limiting.

The solar lantern offers reliable and bright lighting at night since it features 10 LEDs which can offer 75 lumens. It is unique and different from solar lanterns with three lights since MPOWERD LUCI has four. They include high, medium, low, and one-second flashing and ensure you never get left in the dark.

You will also notice a battery level indicator on this solar camping lantern that makes it more user-friendly. For this solar lantern to work efficiently, you must charge it for at least 7 hours. This makes the solar camping lantern better than other models, which take longer to charge.

Since it weighs only 4.4 oz, it is easy to carry around. The fixed top strap and adjustable base strap make it easy to attach to a backpack. When testing, we found this solar camping lantern convenient since it collapses to 1.5 inches and can withstand 150 lbs of pressure.

Run time: 24 hours | Weight: 4.4 oz | Dimensions: 1.7 x 5.2 x 6.22 inches

Best self-inflating solar lantern – Solight Solarpuff

Solight Solarpuff / Solight



What we liked:

It produces warm and bright light
The solar lantern is lightweight and collapsible
It is built to last

What we didn’t like:

The light does not last for very long

Solight Solarpuff comes in a flat packable collapsible design and does not need a mouth nozzle to deflate or inflate. It made it to the list of the best solar camping lanterns since it has a battery life of up to 12 hours. However, you have to charge it for 8-10 hours to deliver bright light for this long.

Another unique feature that impressed us is the dusk-to-dawn light sensor mode, which automatically lights up at night at a low setting. This solar camping lantern also includes three light settings that you can toggle through with a single switch. Thanks to the inclusion of a velcro handle, you can easily hang this solar lantern anywhere within a camping tent.

Since this solar camping lantern is made from heavy-duty material, it is biodegradable and recyclable. It is designed to retain its shape even when it gets punctured.

Run time: 12 hours | Weight: 2.6 ounces| Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 inches

Best for camping on cloudy days – d.Light S30

d.Light S30
d.Light S30 / d.Light


What we liked:

The carry handle enhances convenience
Great durability
Its solar panel can even charge on a cloudy day

What we didn’t like:

It does not serve as a power bank

D.light s30 stands out since it includes a smart solar indicator that can tell when it is charging. The feature that impressed us most while testing is the integrated solar panel that enables it to continue charging even on cloudy days. This is a well-made solar lantern that comes with a two-year warranty.

Though this solar lantern is bulky, it is incredibly bright. It features 360-degree lighting and three brightness settings you can pick from when reading or working within a camping tent. Since the battery capacity of this model is 450 mAH, it can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. It can charge on solar or via USB.

This model also comes with a hanging handle that makes it easy to set it up on the roof of a camping tent. Unlike some conventional models with a limited warranty, the manufacturer of this lantern accompanies it with a two-year warranty. This covers product failure from normal use and also covers the battery.

Run time: 12 hours | Weight: 9.1 ounces| Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 20 inches

Best for portability – Biolite Sunlite 100

Biolite Sunlite 100 / Biolite



What we liked:

It comes in different color modes
Extended run time
The kickstand encourages a change of angle while charging.

What we didn’t like:

Issues with battery

Biolite Sunlight 100 made it to this list since it is easy to carry around as it only weighs 3.4 ounces. Due to its small size, you can even fit it in a pocket. It also features an integral sundial for optimal setup. The integrated solar panel of this camping lantern creates self-reliant charging.

You can use its unique kickstand during the day to align the solar panel for quick charging and angle the solar lantern for functional lighting at night. Though this model is not waterproof, it comes in durable plastic housing, making it great for outdoor activities.

This solar camping lantern allows you to pick from three lighting modes which include white, auto-cycle, and full color, depending on your purpose. On low light, this solar camping lantern can offer up to 50 hours of light and at least 4 hours of light on a high setting. It allows you to access quick and easy utility lighting with redeemable white and red night vision.

You can use the available Micro USB Port to charge it within 2 hours or in the sunlight in 7 hours. This is advantageous since it charges faster than other models, which charge under the sun for 8-10 hours. Biolite Sunlite is also an attractive solar camping lantern that looks different from the rest and can add a touch of elegance to your camping adventures.

Run time: 50 hours | Weight: 3.4 ounces| Dimensions: 8 x 1.02 x 5 inches

What to look out for when buying a solar camping lantern

The following are the main factors to look out for to get the best solar camping lantern.

Lighting modes

Choose a solar camping lantern with different lighting modes like high, low, medium, and SOS flashing.

Charging methods

The best solar camping lanterns have different charging methods like USB and solar.


Pick a solar camping lantern that is small and weighs around 3 ounces.

Mobile charging capabilities

Going for a solar camping lantern that also serves as a power bank can give you backup power for your electronic devices.

Solar charging time

Choose a solar lantern that can charge for 6-7 hours in the sunlight to avoid inconvenience.


Go for a solar camping lantern whose lumens are above 60 to enjoy bright light.


You can also consider a solar camping lantern that can deliver light for at least 12 hours on a high setting and 24 hours on a low setting.

FAQ section

Does d.Light S30 solar camping lantern turn on automatically as soon as the sun goes down?

No. This model is not automatic. It has a small button you must push once to turn it on a low light setting and twice for a high light setting.

Can I replace solar lantern batteries?

This depends on the model since not all solar lantern batteries are replaceable. For instance, solar lanterns that come with lithium batteries are not replaceable, while those that use alkaline batteries can be replaced.

Can I use the Solight Solarpuff lantern for reading?

Yes. This lantern produces enough light that you can depend on it while reading.

How do I recharge the Mpowerd Luci solar camping lantern?

You should put it out in the direct sun for at least 7 hours to charge fully. Ensure the solar panel faces the sun as you recharge it.

Can I charge my iPhone through the LuminAID packlite solar lantern?

Yes. This solar lantern can charge an iPhone since it includes a 5v 2 amp output port. You can connect the cable you use to charge the phone to this port.

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