How much do ground-mounted solar panels cost?

How much a ground-mounted solar system will cost depends on the size of the solar panels, solar power collection infrastructure, and the solar racking system. Generally, solar panels cost between $18,000 to $ 39,000.

A ground-mounted solar system is a go-to option for people living on a large property or with insufficient roof space. However, the ground-mounted solar system is more expensive than the rooftop solar system because the former involves extra work, such as adding a racking system and digging post holes. In this article, we will look at what affects the cost of ground-mounted solar panels and how much various types cost, so stick around. 

Factors that affect the cost of a ground-mounted solar system

Number of solar panels

The more solar panels you install, the larger the solar racking system. A more extensive solar racking system will require more building materials and labor. Therefore, a larger system will cost you more than a smaller one.

Additionally, the material you choose to use when building the foundation of your racking system and the raking system also determines the overall cost of the entire system. A steel system is more cost-effective.

Contractor installation cost

Different contractors charge differently for the same ground-mounted solar system. If you work with a contractor who charges more, the cost of putting up the ground-mounted solar system will be higher. At times expensive means quality; therefore, even if you pay the contractor more, they might provide you with better services, which is what you need for a high-cost project like a ground-mounted solar system.

Mounting technology

Mounting technology / Cornell cals

The solar racking system is just the base on which your solar panels are mounted. Depending on how sophisticated you want your solar system to be, it is possible to install a system with a technology that follows the sun.

For that to happen, the mounting system must have movable parts and sensors that track the sun’s movement. If you decide to install a rotating solar racking platform, its cost will be higher than that of a stationary one.

How much do ground-mounted solar panels cost?

System Size (kW) Cost Before Incentives Cost After 26% Federal Tax Credit
5 kW $24,850 $18,389
10 kW $36,440 $26,966
15 kW $51,545 $38,144

Benefits of a ground-mounted solar system

  • Safety. It eliminates the risk of installers falling off a steep roof when installing a rooftop-mounted solar system.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. Since the solar system is on the ground, you can easily remove the large debris and wipe the dust from the solar panels.
  • The system will cool more efficiently since the solar panels are not that far from the ground. Cooling maximizes the output of your solar system.
  • The ground-mounted solar system produces more power.

Disadvantages of a ground-mounted solar system

  • Higher initial cost.
  • Finding an unobstructed space might take a lot of work, especially in populated areas with tall buildings.


How far should the ground-mounted system be from your house?

The system should be installed far enough to avoid your house’s shadow. If you install the system too close to your house, its solar power output will be lower due to shading.

Is it better to mount your solar system on the ground?

Yes, a ground-mounted solar system is more productive than the rooftop-mounted one.

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