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Indoor solar lights are moveable lights that use free and available solar energy. The United Nations agrees that these solar lights make for a reliable lighting source off the grid or during a power outage. Indoor solar lighting is also an excellent option for areas in the home that are not connected to the mains.

These lights capture solar energy, convert it into electricity, and store it for use on demand. They must have four essential components: the solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, control electronics, battery, and light fixture.

According to the UN Foundation, solar lighting, including solar lanterns, are a safe and clean lighting solution, the expansion of which the organization has made a priority. Away from humanitarian crisis management support, residential homeowners have started taking notice of these lights. Solar indoor lights’ advantages include being green, being within easy reach, being virtually maintenance-free, carrying a low risk of fire and burns, and will result in a drastic reduction in your energy bill.

Indoor solar lighting experts and manufacturers at Lite Solar Technologies list the factors you need to consider when buying brightness, active time, battery capacity, and color temperature. A household needs bright lights to illuminate the entire house without being overbearing. The battery time will also determine how long you will enjoy the free lighting.

For this guide, we tested over 30 solar indoor lights, from which we determined the ones listed below to be some of the best. We looked at brightness (lumens), light duration (runtime), battery capacity, materials, and additional features. Below are the results of our tests.

Best overall: Auzev Solar Shed Light

Auzev Solar Shed Light / Auzev



Things we liked:

Very bright light
It has 4 lighting modes.
It comes with remote control.
Adjustable leaves to direct light

Things we didn’t like:

The motion sensor works for only a short distance.

The Auzev solar shed light is a highly rated indoor and outdoor light with the favored fan design with four leaves. What impressed us the most was the amount and intensity of light it produces. It easily stays on the whole night. The lights mode settings on the remote control will help you determine if you want the sensor on or off. This light works both at night and during the day, making it a useful shed light.

The light is easy to set up as it is not heavy, and it is easy to adjust the brightness of the light. We found the separated solar panel hardy and with a large surface to adequately collect the power needed by the 128 LEDs. However, in our test, the light sensor detected just 6 feet, which can be too short and inadequate.

Lumen: 1,000| Solar panel: Separable |Runtime: up to 12 hours |Battery capacity: 4,400mAh |Light source type: LED| Material: ABS|

 Best unique design: YUMAMEI Solar Powered Shed Light

YUMAMEI Solar Powered Shed Light / YUMAMEI


Things we liked:

Beautiful vintage design
Warm, inviting lighting
Adjustable solar panel for maximum exposure.
Hardy’s metallic build

Things we didn’t like:

Not very bright.

The first thing we noticed about the Yumamei Solar light was its stunningly good looks: from the vintage design of the pendant in the shape of a diamond reflecting beautifully on the ceiling to the pull switch on the wall and the Edison bulb. The warm light gives your room coziness. It is also straightforward to install. This light is durable as it is made of stainless steel.

You can use the remote control to easily adjust the light intensity or turn off the light. The 13-foot cable from the separate panel allows you to enjoy the light in the heart of your living room. The rotatable solar panel has a practical touch; you can change its direction to follow the sun. However, although the manufacturer says this light will last 10 hours, in our test, it did just about half that, and we also could not read using the light as it was not very bright.

 Solar panel: Separable |Runtime: up to 10 hours| Battery capacity: 4,400mAh |Light source type: Edison bulb| Material: Stainless steel, ABS|

Best multipurpose: Aqonsie Solar Indoor/Outdoor Solar Light

Aqonsie Solar IndoorOutdoor Solar Light / Aqonsie



Things we liked:

Bright white light
4 adjustable leaves for directional lighting
6 Different Lighting Modes
It has a remote control and a wall-mounted switch

Things we didn’t like:

The panel senses other lights, which affect the light mode

The Aqonsie solar shed and outdoor light have a four-leaf fan design. This light impressed us for being the most easily adaptable to different settings—we could use it indoors, outside, or in the barn, as it comes with a long 16.5-foot cable to connect the panel to the rest of the light, and its leaves can be adjusted to face different directions.

Unlike many indoor solar lights, this light can work both during the day and at night. You will find this feature useful if you use the light in a garage or barn that can have dark corners even during the day. Because it does not weigh much, the light is relatively easy to install.

However, if you are not a fan of bright LED lighting, you may want to steer clear of this light, as it has a white light. We also had to disconnect the panel at night to keep the light in the constantly “on” mode, as the lights from the streetlights were interpreted to be daylight, which interfered with this light’s night mode.

Lumen: 1,000| Solar panel: Separable |Runtime: up to 12 hours |Light source type: LED| Material: ABS|

 Best Bulb Solar lights: Flyhoom Portable USB Rechargeable Light Bulb

Flyhoom Portable USB Rechargeable Light Bulb / Flyhoom




Things we liked:

Long 15-hour running time
It has four lighting modes
Two-way charging capability

Things we didn’t like:

It’s not a waterproof light
Light up a small area

During our test, we were pleasantly surprised by the solar-powered Flyhoom indoor light pair that lasted almost 15 hours after a full charge, outlasting even the bigger lights in the test by far. Because of this, and because they come in a pair, they are the most cost-effective substitutes for indoor lighting, especially during emergencies or if you happen to live in an area that experiences regular outages or even off-grid. These bulbs can also be used conveniently by campers and in RVs.

You don’t have to wait for these bulbs to be fully recharged in the sun because they can be charged using a USB port. The lights feature four modes of dimmable lighting and are remotely controlled. These lights are portable and easy to hang.

The only thing we did not like about them is that they are not waterproof and will not light up an ample space like some of the larger lights listed here.

Lumen: 180| Solar panel: Separable |Runtime: up to 15 hours |Light source type: LED| Material: ABS|

Best dual head design: JACKYLED Solar Pendant Light

JACKYLED Solar Pendant Light




Things we liked:

Dimmable to six levels
It has 4 lighting modes
Adjustable Solar Panel
It is equipped with a motion sensor

Things we didn’t like:

Expensive in comparison to similar-sized lights

We picked the Jackyled light-set because it comes with a pair of separable pendant lights, which is one of the features a lot of people like them for. When testing these lights, we needed to be in separate rooms and found this feature extremely useful.

They provide a hook, and the light bell-pendant shape lends itself to easy single-light use. Although they use LED as the light source, you will find the lights less harsh, mainly because you can adjust them to six dimmable levels between 10 percent and 100 percent. As with any current indoor solar lights, the Jackyled also has four lighting modes with a motion sensor. The lights also work during the day and have an adjustable solar panel to maximize sun exposure. These lights are crafted for outdoor and indoor use, are IP65 waterproof, and are made using corrosion-resistant ABS.

However, even when using a conservative 20 percent brightness level and mode 4, the lights gave us only 7 hours of lighting, which makes them have one of the shortest runtimes in our test. We also found the unit price to be higher than most.

Lumen: 600 each| Solar panel: Separable |Runtime: up to 10 hours |Light source type: LED| Material: ABS|

What to Look for in Indoor Solar Lights


As a general rule, get 10-20 lumens per square foot for a living room or bedroom and 70-80 lumens per square foot for the kitchen or bathroom.


If the panel and cables will be outside, confirm that they are at least IP65 waterproof.


Choose a fixture with durable materials, such as high-quality plastics that are not easily scratched, dented, or damaged.

Color temperature

Consider if you want cool or warm color temperature, bearing in mind the higher the temperature, the cooler the light will be.

Motion Sensors

A light with motion sensors can be convenient when using the product by increasing and dimming the light on the motion.


Consider the options in the buying guide against your needs and budget to get the best option for your needs.

FAQ Section

Can I leave the indoor solar lights on throughout the night?

Yes, you can safely leave the indoor solar light on all night long. Most lights will last six to ten hours and will likely be on until dawn.

Why is my new indoor solar light not working?

An indoor solar light may fail for one of several reasons. It could be because of a factory fault leading to the light being unable to collect and change solar energy to direct current for storage in the battery or maybe some broken wires. The sensor could also be faulty.

Before making such conclusions, ensure the panel is not under shade. If the indoor solar light has an on/off switch, ensure it’s “on .”Make sure the battery pull tab is removed.

How many hours will the indoor solar light last?

A fully charged indoor solar light can last between six and ten hours, depending on the light output, panel efficiency, and brand-related factors.

How many years before do I need to replace part or all of the indoor solar lights?

The lifespan of the indoor solar light is determined primarily by two components: the batteries and LEDs, in case these are what it uses. Many solar light batteries last two to three years. LED lighting fixtures can last ten to fifteen years.

Can indoor solar lights catch fire?

Yes, an indoor solar light can catch fire, especially if it has poor-quality lithium-ion batteries. However, experts say such failures are one in a million, making the risk almost negligible.

Are indoor solar lights waterproof?

Some indoor solar lights may not be waterproof, but most panels and cables are IP65 waterproof. Check and compare your options before making a purchase.

Do indoor solar lights come with batteries?

Yes, most lights will be supplied with their batteries so that they can run as soon as you receive them or get them home from the store. However, they may not be fully charged right off the shelf.

How do I install indoor solar lights?

You will not need any special tools or extra cables for most lights to install them. Everything is provided in the kit, including the easy-to-follow installation and user manual.

How can I care for and maintain indoor solar lights?

The good thing about indoor solar lights is that they are virtually maintenance-free. To care for them, you just need to occasionally wipe off the dust from the solar panel and light. The solar panel’s efficiency will be affected if it is covered by dirt.

What is the importance of light modes for indoor solar lights?

Light modes allow you to control the level of brightness that the light produces, making it possible to, for example, increase it for reading or reduce it for sleeping. Light modes are also an essential energy-saving measure.

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