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Solar Lanterns are slowly replacing traditional power sources such as fuel-based lanterns. Unlike fuel-based lanterns, solar lanterns offer safer lighting options. Also, they are efficient, especially for outdoor activities such as setting up lights for your garden, patio, or camping.

How do Solar lanterns work? Solar lanterns have small solar panels that take in sunlight to generate power. In turn, you get lighting from the lantern while some charge phones. According to LuminAID, solar lanterns offer energy to families without electricity access.

When searching for a solar lantern, the attributes to consider are design, size, quality, durability, brightness, and portability. Each lantern has different properties best suited for other functions depending on what you aim to use it for.

Many companies producing solar lanterns claim to have the best products. Therefore, in one month, we researched 15 solar lanterns. We analyzed the lanterns’ features, runtime, durability, design, brightness, and weight. Also, we weighed each of the solar lantern’s pros and cons to figure out the best. We have highlighted our findings below.

Best overall: LuminAID Packlite Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern

LuminAID Packlite Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern / LuminAID



What we liked:

Perfect for camping.
It offers an impressive level of brightness.
It is waterproof, which means you can use it all weather.
It is compressible, therefore, easy to store and carry.
It charges a phone.
It has red and white led lights, which you can switch to by pressing a button.

What we didn’t like:

Despite having vast features, it is expensive.
Compared to other lanterns, it is heavy.

Out of all the solar lanterns available, the LuminAID Packlite is our pick for the overall best solar lantern. It’s very efficient as a backup when you have a power shortage. It is compressible; therefore, it is easy to carry around.

It has a unique design, which stands out from other solar lanterns. The lantern’s brightness stands out since it gives enough lighting for an eight-man tent. There is no need to carry batteries since it has a built-in battery of 4000mAh, which takes 20 hours to recharge with solar but only 4 hours using the USB cord.

You can switch from the usual white lighting to red, which is gentle on the eyes yet still offers proper lighting for any surroundings. Overall, the LuminAID is a good purchase, although its price is its major drawback.

Dimensions 6×6×6 inches, Weight 354g, Material Titan, Color white and red, Charging time 20 hours.

Best design: TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded Solar Lantern

TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded Solar Lantern / TomCare



What we liked:

It features an automated on-and-off system.
It offers an appealing lighting system.
It provides lighting for an extended period

What we didn’t like:

It offers a shorter lighting period on a dull day or winter.

TomCare Solar lantern features a unique design, especially when set on a garden or porch. You can also have it on the walkways. It also gives a flame-flickering effect that is very bright and attractive.

This lantern comes with a clamp and ring, making the installation process straightforward. All you need to do is to fasten the clamp and fix the ring. It is made with plastic which makes it very durable.

During testing, we put it out on rainy days, and it withstood all the elements nature threw at it. Ensure you have it exposed to the sun; if not, the lantern will have a shorter runtime.

Dimensions 3.74×3.74×6.7 inches, Weight 1.85pounds, Material Plastic, Color black, Charging time 8 hours.

Best for Camping: Mpowered Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0

Mpowered Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0 / Mpowered



What we liked:

Good lighting for camping.
It charges phones.
It is lightweight
It takes a short time to recharge.

What we didn’t like:

It requires enough sunlight to produce maximum light.

The Mpowered Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0 made our list due to its lighting power; despite its small package, it emits 75 lumens from 10 white LEDs. Given it is light and collapsible, it is easy to carry the lantern in a backpack for a camping trip.

The lantern can withstand weather conditions at any camping site since the company uses waterproof material that protects the lantern from damage. The small lantern gives off a bright light and is also easy to store in its collapsible state.

It does not need batteries to recharge. The lantern comes with straps that are easily attached to an adventure backpack. You can switch between four lighting modes, flashing, high, medium, and low. The lantern also features a battery level indicator that notifies you before it runs out.

Dimensions 5×5×4.25 inches, Weight 125g, Material Polyester, Color clear, Charging hours 7 hours.

Best for Gardens: Shymery Solar Lantern

Shymery Solar Lantern / Shymery



What we liked:

It has beautiful lighting, perfect for walkways, gardens, or tabletops.
It gives out bright lighting.
It is weatherproof.

What we didn’t like:

If it is not exposed to enough sunlight, it will have poor lighting.

The Shymery solar lantern gives a decorative type of lighting that resembles a flickering candle. It has hooks that make it very easy to position while in use.

Its strong material ensures that it does not easily break. The lantern needs little expertise to set up since it has no wiring. It is also all-weather and can withstand the rain, winds, and dust left outside. The company uses silicone to protect it from the elements.

On the downside, it will perform poorly in cloudy weather.

Dimensions 5.51×14×5.51 inches, Weight 3.76 pounds, Material plastic and glass, Color bronze, Charging time 6 hours.

Best runtime: XTAUTO Collapsible Portable LED Camping Lantern

XTAUTO Collapsible Portable LED Camping Lantern / XTAUTO



What we liked:

It runs for 24 hours.
There are two charging options; solar and USB charger.
You can adjust the lantern’s lighting simply by pulling it up.
It charges a phone.

What we didn’t like:

The metal handles come off quickly but are easy to put back.

The XTAUTO collapsible portable LED camping lantern has the best run time compared to all the solar lanterns available. When fully charged, it gives 25 hours of runtime, a cut-off from the other solar lanterns, which have half its runtime. It can be used as a flashlight and a lantern.

Given that it is collapsible, we could carry it effortlessly during testing. In addition, it is lightweight, so we had it in our luggage when moving up and down.

The company uses weatherproof material which can withstand snow, excess heat, rain, or dust. The lantern can be recharged using either a USB port or a solar panel. However, the build quality of the handles is poor and can easily break when used.

Dimensions 7.6×7.56×5.75 inches, Weight 2.48 pounds, Material ABS plastic, Color white, Charging hours 9 hours.

Best Hanging lantern: GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Hanging Lantern

GIGALUMI 8 Pack Solar Hanging Lantern / GIGALUMI



What we liked:

It requires no expertise to set up.
It beautifies the garden or walkways with its decorative lighting pattern
You can set it up at any position since it is portable.
It comes with clamps, hooks, handles, and stakes, making the installation easier.

What we didn’t like:

It may have less runtime if it is not exposed to direct sunlight for maximum recharge.
It is not bright enough.

The GIGALUMI 8-pack solar hanging lantern comes packed with clamps, hooks, handles, and stakes, which make the installation process more manageable. The lantern is weatherproof; therefore, you can leave it out during the rain without damage.

It gives out a decorative candle-light effect in any outdoor space. The lantern has a handle that makes its portability easy. Despite the hanging lantern being a good choice, its lower brightness than other similar lanterns becomes its major drawback.

Dimensions 4.2×5.4×4.2 inches, Weight 4.31pounds, Material ABS plastic and metal, Color Warm white and black, Charging time 8 hours.

Most Durable: TomCare Solar Lights Metal Flickering Flame

TomCare Solar Lights Metal Flickering Flame / TomCare



What we liked:

It features flickering candle lighting that sets an appealing ambiance.
It charges using its solar panel.
It gives out bright lighting.
Its material is long-lasting.

What we didn’t like:

It is heavy.
It will fail to give out proper lighting if not exposed to enough sunlight.

The company uses metal and plastic to make the product, ensuring its durability. Also, it is not damaged when left outside since it is weatherproof and can withstand snow, rain, dust, or wind.

Its great lighting, which features a flickering flame, will beautify any garden or yard. When it received maximum sunlight, it ran for 10 hours. While testing, we did not need to employ new skills to set up. However, we found the lantern heavy to carry compared to other similar lanterns.

Dimensions 4.7×4.7×8.3 inches, Weight 48 pounds, Material metal, Color bronze, Charging time 8 hours.

What to look out for in Solar Lanterns

Batteries Durability

Check if the lantern’s batteries are rechargeable and detachable, their capacity and if they are inbuilt.


Consider purchasing lanterns with adjustable brightness levels, from low to medium to high.


Some brands are best known for producing quality lanterns; consider looking at the material and whether it can withstand harsh weather.


A good lantern should be portable with a handle and lightweight.


There are different lanterns; if you are camping, opt for a smaller-sized solar lantern with excellent features to carry and store.


If you want a solar lantern for your garden, porch, patio, or walkways, opt for lanterns that have appealing designs.

Charging Time

Check the solar lantern’s charging time; some take long hours while others reach full charge fast. Look out for one with a charging time of fewer than 6 hours.


Which is the best solar lantern?

Various solar lanterns perform very well, depending on where you want to use them. However, the LuminAID Packlite Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern is the best solar lantern. It has vast features and is efficient during emergencies or outdoors, such as when camping; it gives maximum lighting.

Is it worth buying a solar lantern?

Yes, it is efficient for camping and outdoor lighting and is a good backup for power outages.

Are solar lanterns suitable for camping?

Yes, there are solar lanterns that are good for camping. They have features that make them best for camping. Some are Mpowered Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0, Kizen Solar Lantern, and LuminAID Packlite Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern.

Are solar lanterns suitable for the garden?

There are solar lanterns with beautiful designs, such as the TomCare, which beautifies the outdoor space.

How long does it take to charge a solar lantern?

Solar lanterns take different charging hours, depending on the solar panel size and whether it has other charging options.

Which is the best solar lantern for the garden?

Various solar lanterns are perfect for the garden; however, the most outstanding is Shymery solar lantern available on Amazon.

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