Can Tesla solar panels be installed on the ground?

No. Tesla solar panels are made to be installed on the roof and are designed with the aesthetics of the roof in mind. They are also engineered to maximize efficiency and maintain high performance.

Although ground mounts require more space, they are easier to install and repair. They also give you more control over the angle of your array, allowing you to maximize output. With Tesla solar panels, you do not have this option. The manufacturer states you need to install their product on the roof, and here are the reasons why.

Reasons why Tesla solar panels cannot be installed on the ground

Reasons why Tesla solar panels cannot be installed on the ground / Nationalreview

Tesla will not install its solar panels on the ground and does not recommend that you do so. They, however, do not explicitly say why not, so you need to look at what is observable about their panels and what the experts say.

The first thing to note is that Tesla solar panels have a sleek, low-profile design. The design has no bulky frame. The edges are masked, and the panels don’t have a visible grid like the ones many other conventional rooftop solar panels have. In the design, Tesla focuses on aesthetics and ensures that its solar panels complement your roof and house architecture.

Tesla panels are engineered to pick up photons easily and can maximize the panels’ efficiency from a rooftop, even with complicated angles, without needing to be rotated.

It has also been speculated that the reason Tesla is not keen on making panels for ground installation is that they need to promote their other rooftop solar product, the Tesla Solar Roof, on which they have spent a lot of resources on R&D to make it a reality.

So if installing roof-mounted solar panels is not feasible for you for one reason or another, you need to consider other alternatives, as you will not be able to use Tesla solar panels.

Summary of why you cannot install Tesla solar panels on the ground

                Reason Details
Panel design By design, the panels are made with aesthetics in mind and do not have the bulk structure that can allow for ground installation.
Panel efficiency Tesla panels are made to maximize efficiency without needing to be rotated; hence, there is no reason to be on the ground.
Tesla solar roof The company is uninterested in developing other panels that can be installed on the ground.


The Tesla solar panel design does not lend itself to ground installation. Although the advantages of a roof installation are known and apply to their installations, it is obvious that the company is deliberate in its focus on roof-mounted solar panels. By all accounts, they are uninterested in developing a ground-installed product as their focus is now on the solar roof.


Can you install Tesla solar panels on the ground?

No, you cannot. Tesla solar panels are designed to be mounted on the roof and should not be installed on the ground.

Are ground-mounted solar panel installations better than roof-mounted installations?

No one type of panel installation is universally better than the other. Roof installations are less costly and occupy less space. Ground installations are easier to install and repair.

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