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Solar post lights are the best cost-effective method for lighting dark pathways and outdoor spaces like gardens and yards.

Solar post lights are manufactured with small PV cells, batteries, and bulbs. The PV cells charge the battery during the day, and the light bulbs draw energy from the battery to light at night. Most solar post lights have light sensors that switch the unit on at dusk; some come with an additional manual on/off switch.

According to the US department of energy, outdoor lighting consumes a lot of energy that costs billions of dollars yearly. Adopting lighting options like solar-powered post lights will cut these costs and reduce light pollution. Solar post lights are also easy to install as they don’t require wiring like electricity. Also, solar post lights require little to no maintenance.

The creative director and co-founder of, a top dealer in lighting, says that the solar post lights’ purpose and placement should be considered before purchasing. Other factors to consider before purchasing solar post lights include the charge and run time, cost, and durability.

For the past several weeks, we put the best-rated and best-selling solar post lights to the test and came up with this buying guide. We evaluated them based on their ease of installation, features, brightness, durability, design, and value for your money. Below are our findings.

BEST DESIGN AND STYLE: Davinci Lighting solar post lights

Davinci Lighting solar post lights / Davinci



What we liked;

Has an automatic built-in photo sensor.
Has an attractive and classic matte-textured finish.
Comes with rechargeable batteries.
Made with UV fade protection and hard-tempered glass.
Comes in various bases.

What we didn’t like;

Doesn’t come with a warranty period.
Can only be fitted on wooden posts.

These Davinci lights are not only functional but also attractive and sophisticated. You will be dazzled by the timeless design of these lights and their classic matte finish.

Although not very impressive, these solar post lights charge during the day for 8 hours. They automatically turn on at night, thanks to their built-in photosensor. They will also run for 8 hours without any manual interference.

The cordless design eliminates the need for an electrician, making the installation easy. Our team found that these lights can be fixed on either 4” by 4”, 5” by 5”, or 6” by 6” wooden solar posts only. However, they could not be fitted on posts made out of other materials.

With an IP44 waterproof feature, these lights can withstand most weather conditions. The solar panels are protected by industrial-grade plastic and hard-tempered glass.

With 2 warm white 3000 kelvin LEDs of 15 lumens, Davinci solar post lights can last up to 100,000 hours without needing bulb replacements.

Although they don’t come with a warranty, the 30-day return policy and helpful customer care services suffice.

Material: Plastic, hard-tempered glass | Product Dimensions: 6.3” L x 3.54” W x 6.3” H | Special features: Cordless | Voltage: 3.2 volts (DC) | Batteries: Lithium ion batteries required (included)

BEST FIT: Siedinlar solar post lights

Siedinlar solar post lights / Siedinlar




What we liked;

Has an automatic on/off feature.
Has a 1-year warranty.
Has up to 8 hours of running time.
Has IP65 waterproof and weatherproof technology.

What we didn’t like;

The light produced isn’t so bright.
The battery capacity is not up to par.

These lights fit 4” by 4” and 5” by 5” vinyl posts and 4” by 4”, 5” by 5”, and 6” by 6” wooden posts, making them conveniently versatile. They can be used on mailboxes, pillars, railings, posts, fences, and railings of different sizes.

The 3000 kelvin warm white light and 6000 kelvin cool white light options offered by the Siedinlar solar post lights are outstanding features you will appreciate. With an IP65 rating, these lights are waterproof and weatherproof. These lights come with a 1-year warranty in case of any defects.

Another feature that will impress you is the 10-hour run time of the Siedinlar solar post lights, after only 6 hours of charge-time under direct sunlight.

On the downside, you might frown at the slightly low brightness of these lights. Although this brightness will cut it for most spaces, adding 2 light modes would do the product justice.

Material: Glass | Product Dimensions: 5.55” L x 5.55” W x 3.54” H | Special feature: Adjustable color temperature | Voltage: 1.2 volts | Batteries: 1AA batteries required (included)

BEST BUDGET LIGHTS: Dynaming solar post lights

Dynaming solar post lights / Dynaming



What we liked;

Has a 1-year warranty.
Has an on/off light sensor
Low maintenance
Has up to 8 hours of running time.
Has a vibrant warm light.

What we didn’t like;

These lights won’t survive in areas with very harsh weather conditions.

Offering almost all the features that other solar post lights have but at a slightly lower price, these are the best for those on a budget.

With a charge time of 6-8 hours, you’ll get 8-10 hours of running time with Dynaming solar post lights. Additionally, these lights require zero electrical wiring. Therefore, installing them is easy, and anyone can DIY them.

The high-quality 1000mAh rechargeable batteries included when you purchase these lights are a big plus. Thanks to the in-built light sensor, turning on/off is automatic in these lights.

You will be impressed by the 3000 kelvin, 15-lumens vibrant warm light that these solar post lights have, which provides a calm environment all night. Moreover, the shade material of the Dynaming solar post lights is available both in plastic and wood. The Dynaming solar post lights are low-maintenance and only require occasional wiping of the solar panels with a damp cloth.

Although the lights have the IP44 waterproof and weatherproof feature, we recommend those living in areas with extreme weather conditions to purchase post lights with a higher waterproof rating.

Material: Aluminum, glass | Product dimensions: 6.14” L x 6.14” W x 0.08” H | Special feature: 2-way switching | Voltage: 3.6 volts | Batteries: 3AA batteries required (included)

BEST PERFORMANCE: Fooyancho solar post lights

Fooyancho solar post lights / Fooyancho



What we liked;

Has a 3-years warranty.
IP65 waterproof.
Comes with three color modes.
Made with durable materials.
Has up to 3 days of running time.

What we didn’t like;

Does not fit most 3 x 3 posts.

The massive 4400mAh battery built into the Fooyacho solar post lights will give you top performance. You will love the ability of these lights to run for 3 days at the lowest intensity after only 5-8 hours of charging time under direct sunlight.

Additionally, these lights come with three color modes that will enable you to change brightness and light color.

Our team was impressed by the corrosion-resistant cast aluminum used to manufacture the Fooyancho solar post lights, which makes these lights durable even under harsh elements. The solar panels are covered with PVC material for extra protection. The stainless steel base of the Fooyancho solar post lights that fit any 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6 posts is a big plus.

No wiring or professional help is needed when installing these lights. Also, these solar post lights are low-maintenance, and all you need to do is, once in a while, wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Besides using the Fooyancho solar post lights outside, these lights also make great indoor lights. The IP65 waterproof feature that ensures these lights perform well under extreme conditions like snow and heavy rains is a plus.

On the downside, these pole lights do not fit most 3×3 posts. However, the three-year warranty and durability are worth this purchase.

Material: Aluminum | Voltage: 4.2 volts | Product dimensions: 6.3” L x 6.3” W x 6.3” H | Special feature: Dusk to, dawn running time | Batteries: 1 Lithium ion battery required (included)

MOST VERSATILE: Greenlighting solar post lights

Greenlighting solar post lights / Greenlighting



What we liked;

Does not require manual on/off switching.
It is versatile.
Up to 6 hours of running time.
Has an excellent textured design.
Has a 30-day return policy.

What we didn’t like;

It does not have a warranty.
Not 100% waterproof.

The versatility of the Greenlighting solar post lights is impressive, as they fit on wood, vinyl, and PVC posts in various sizes, including 4×4 and 5×5. Additionally, these lights can perfectly fit anywhere, including on steps, pathways, and boat docks.

Each LED light has 5 lumens which illuminate adequately and lasts longer than other light types. Thanks to the automatic on/off switch feature, the stress of manual switching is removed. The installation is also hassle-free and requires no wiring.

Another feature that impressed our team was the decent running time. Outdoor solar post lights that run for six hours are pretty decent. However, the company hasn’t mentioned whether these lights are 100% waterproof. Nevertheless, we tested and discovered that the panel is waterproof, but the LED on the inside isn’t.

Although these solar post lights lack a warranty, the company has a 30-day return policy.

Material: Plastic | Product dimensions: 13.5” L x 19” W x 13” H | Special features: Fits on wood, vinyl, and PVC | Voltage: | Batteries: 12AA batteries are required (not included).

What to look for in solar post lights.

When shopping for solar post lights, the following are some of the most crucial things to consider.


Always pick the lights that come with a warranty, or at least a return policy, in case they have any defects.

Charge time and run time

Consider how long the post light will take to charge and how long it will stay on after a full charge. A decent run time is at least 10 hours and less than 8 hours of charge time.


Since solar post lights are used outdoors, select the ones made from durable materials that can withstand extreme conditions outside. Also, look out for IP ratings of 65 and above.


Consider whether the solar post lights you’re purchasing come with batteries and which kind you’ll be required to use.

Ease of installation

If you’re planning on installing the solar post lights yourself, go for the lights that are easy to DIY and come with detailed manuals.


How much are solar post lights?

The price of solar post lights varies depending on the brand of the light, features, quality, and model. The general price range is from $20 to $150.

Can solar post lights be purchased individually?

Whether solar post lights can be purchased individually depends on the company selling the lights. Most companies sell these lights in packs, so contact the retailer for clarification.

Are batteries included in solar post lights?

Some brands have included batteries with the solar post lights, while others haven’t, so you’ll have to buy the batteries separately.

Are all solar post lights waterproof?

Not all solar post lights are waterproof. And for those that are, the degree varies from brand to brand. Ensure you go through the specifications of the product or reach out to the retailer to find out.

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